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About The District

The Gloucester Soil Conservation District is a special purpose subdivision of the State serving the residents of Gloucester county. Gloucester SCD is one of 14 soil conservation districts in New Jersey empowered to conserve and manage soil and water resources in cooperation with the State Soil Conservation Committee. The Gloucester SCD implements four major programs: the Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Act (SESC), the Conservation Assistance Program (CAP), Conservation Edcuation and our Stormwater Management Program. 

Under the SESC program, the district is responsible for reviewing and certifying SESC plans for soil disturbances over 5,000 square feet while performing subsequent field inspections to insure compliance with the SESC practices denoted on the certified plans.

Our Conservation Education Program offers training programs on soil erosion & sediment control best management practices to developers and builders, as well as presentations to schools, youth organizations and community groups on various conservation topics.

The Gloucester SCD in conjunction with our partners, have worked on the development of Regional Stormwater Management Plans for the Upper Raccoon Creek, Upper Mantua Creek and Upper Maurice River watersheds.

To find out more information about New Jersey's Soil Conservation Districts, click on the link, What Is A Conservation District.

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